You know what word would come to my mind when I thought of cheese tasting…..Why? I just used to think it’s such an extra thing to do that I questioned why people even do it. And the main reason was that I did not like cheese at all. But over the past year I have become really interested in cooking and it has become a beloved hobby. A lot of the meals I try out contain cheese so I have developed some sort of relationship with it. It made me more curious and I wanted to find out more details like when to use which cheese.

During our mini-vacation at Chaminuka, we visited the Kaposhi Dairy farm in the Chaminuka grounds. We were driven a big white farm house. Apparently the farm has been operational since 1983. The man in charge of the place led us into a room that was very cave-like. It was a dark little place but had a cozy atmosphere. The room even had a little fountain. There was a table in the middle of the room with cheese cubes on small plates.

We sat down on the stools besides the tables that were lit with lamps made from ostrich eggs. Our guide placed glasses of wine in front of us and were ready to begin. We started from one end, plate by plate, while he explained each cheese in detail. The wine did well in clearing the pallet in-between different types of cheese. There were 9 types of cheese. Swiss, Feta, Haloumi, Plain Gouda, Strong Cheddar, Cumin Gouda, Gruyere, Mozarella and Cheshire.

To be completely honest with you guys, the information he was churning out went in through one ear and came out through the other. It could have been the light from the ostrich eggs or the wine or the cozy feeling of the cave. But all I could concentrate on was the taste of the cheese. My favorite was the Cumin Gouda because it had a herby taste.

After the tasting was done, I picked out the cheeses I was interested in buying from the price chart and made an order to be delivered the next morning. I must say their cheese is reasonably priced.

We said our goodbyes and we were driven back to our room not without a tipsy smile on my face from all that wine. The next morning, our cheese was delivered and I was ready to try out all sorts of cheesy recipes at home.

cheese tasting 2

Cheese tasting table


Cheese tasting - wall art


Cheese tasting - wine


cheese tasting - table and egg


cheese tasting - cheese plates


Cheese tasting - wall


Cheese tasting - ostrich egg


What’s your favourite cheese? And what’s your favourite cheesy meal? Let me know in the comments.

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