I was in Mpika for the week. Mpika is in the Muchinga Province of Zambia, 640 Km away from Lusaka. It was Thursday and I had been wanting to go to Lwitikila Falls since I arrived. I first heard about it from the Receptionist of the Lodge where I was staying. She said that was where people in Mpika went for some out-of-town fun. So I decided I had to go there. I looked it up online and found some surprisingly good directions. After coaxing my travel companions, we were finally on our way to see the falls.

We drove out of Mpika and headed towards Nakonde, after about 10 to 15 kilometers we found a sign for Lwitikila girls secondary school and we turned right into a gravel road and headed towards beautiful sights. After a few minutes of driving, we were finally at a signpost that said Chinsonkolo Falls. Now I was a bit confused because I was expecting the Lwitikila falls but the signpost was saying something different. But it turned out that the village in which the falls are located is called Chinsonkolo village. So that’s why the Lwitikila falls are also called the Chinsonkolo falls.






As I walked in, I was surprised at how organised the place was. I mean this place is a fully operational venue. People have their parties and weddings there. It had beautiful tall trees all over the place. The prices were reasonable; K5 for adults, K3 for children and K15 for vehicles. This place is not an official national monument but the entrance fee is cheaper than the K8 most national monuments charge which was surprising.

Lwitikila trees

Anyway, so I’m walking through the place with my mouth open because I did not expect such a place then I hear the sound of water. I rush towards the sound and behold! the smallest falls I have ever seen. They were so loud and just so pretty. Guys, I think I might have a thing for waterfalls. Like a serious thing. Because I just stood there, looked at the water and sighed. And for a rare moment, I was happy. So I don’t know what the procedure is here, should I marry them?



So after staring at the falls for minutes, I started poking and climbing around. Apparently people are allowed to swim in the river, but because I strongly believe bathing once a day (or every other day in winter) is enough hygiene for a human being, I didn’t bother getting into the water. Plus there is the tiny insignificant factor of me not knowing how to swim and not wanting to die by water.


After an hour of screaming and laughing and taking pictures, I still hadn’t had enough of the Lwitikila falls. But it was time to leave because I had a long journey back home the next day. And as we drove back to Mpika, I smiled and basked in the afterglow. Zambia is a beautiful country you guys. I wish more of us could see just how beautiful it is.

Have you ever been to the Lwitikila falls? What are the smallest falls you’ve ever seen? Any suggestions of where I can go next? Let me Know.

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