The plan was to go to the gorge and just look at the vast nature of the giant rift. It was never in my plans to actually zip line across the damn thing. Just to be clear, I am not afraid of heights. But they do make my stomach turn just a little.

We were on vacation in Livingstone. On our way to the Mukuni Big 5, we saw a sign written “Gorge swing”. We turned right and decided it wouldn’t do any harm to see it. We drove for about 5 minutes and we arrived at the gorge. We found the guys in charge of the place looking bored because there were no customers. I had heard rumors, that swinging over the gorge costs a lot. So I asked the guys how much it would cost me and they said K500. I told them there was no way in hell I was sliding across the gorge because I was here strictly for window shopping. But the more I stood on the edge of that gorge the more curious I became about zip-lining across it.

The curiosity turned into wanting to do it. However, that K500 price tag was too hefty for me and my bank account. So I did the classic walking away and headed towards the car. The guys started asking how much I could afford. And that’s how the fee was reduced to K100. As I got strapped, the fear returned and I started asking if there was a weight limit. I openly declared how much I weighed and begged for reassurance that the rope was strong enough for me. They said the line could carry car without breaking. That was good enough for me.

When I was completely strapped, it was time to go. I ran the few steps towards the gorge and suddenly there was no ground beneath me, just air. I was sliding across the air and it felt liberating. I looked below me and it was not scary at all. I stopped sliding somewhere in the middle and as they pulled me back, I didn’t want to leave yet. I wanted to stay right there on top of the gorge because it was such a different perspective. When I finally got back on land, I waited for the adrenaline to hit me but all I felt was happiness. I had done it! I had done such a crazy thing!

I know I will go back and do it again. Next time I’m even trying out the Gorge swing. Who knows, I might just bungee jump too.


What’s the craziest or scariest thing you’ve ever done? Let me know.

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