I’m a Lusaka girl. I was born and raised in Lusaka. For a long time it was all I knew. I remember thinking I wouldn’t want to live any place else. But now that’s changing. Every time I travel to a new town I fall in love with that town. I recently traveled to Livingstone and I realized just how much peace I feel when I’m away from Lusaka. There is a sense of calm and an absence of rushing. To be fair, this could be because when I travel I don’t have to report for work at 8am. But I am sure there is more. Lusaka is busy. Always rushing somewhere. When you try to slow down, a serious case of FOMO besieges you. It’s like it’s telling you to keep up or get left behind.

That feeling of rushing is what led me to live like a hermit. I started staying away from events because all I could see was people trying to get ahead. They smile at you trying to gauge what good you can contribute to their upwards climb and if there is none, they move on to the next person with a polite smile. And I have no problem with that if I’m being honest. I’ve done it a number of times myself. We’re all trying to hustle our way towards success. But it got to a point where that was exhausting.

Then I started traveling and I discovered that towns like Mpika have hills you could gaze at from your backyard. Mbala has scores of national monuments scattered around town. Samfya has a beach you can spend afternoons on. I began to grow even more discontent with Lusaka. I love Lusaka, I really do. My whole life is here. My family and friends are all here. I am actively setting up my life to be here for a long time to come. But why do other towns make me more happy? Why do other towns make me so at peace that creativity churns out of me?

Do I need to vacation out of Lusaka more? Do I need to explore Lusaka more? It’s probably yes to both questions. Let’s see if I can have the best of both options. It might be possible to experience both the beauty of other towns regularly and start to see the beauty of my home town. But really I’m just trying to figure this out because what do you do when your home doesn’t feel like home anymore?


What is your home town? Do you ever feel like this? Let me know.

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