If there was ever a road that almost made me weep, it is the Livingstone-Sesheke road. We had just passed through Livingstone and were heading towards Sesheke. I had been told about the road but I thought people were just exaggerating. After passing the Kazungula turnoff (50Km from Livingstone), the potholes began. Let’s just say there were more potholes than road.

By the time we got to Sesheke I was knackered. All I wanted was a shower and a comfortable bed. In my search for a place to sleep, I happened upon a lodge called Brenda’s Best Baobab. That night I was so tired, I didn’t bother to look around but the next morning I took a walk around and I was pleasantly surprised.

The lodge had hut-like rooms with thatched roofs. The furniture and fittings were all so interesting with different animals engraved in the wood. I particularly found the shower interesting because I had never seen one built with wood before.

The lodge is on the banks of lake Zambezi. The view was amazing. The serenity of spending each morning by the river was calming. The gardens and the shrubs all added to the view.

The lodge gets its name from the huge Baobab tree that is on the premises.

The restaurant at the lodge is surrounded by shrubs and trees and you get a view of the river as you eat.

Later one afternoon, we drove down the road heading to the border just to have a view of the river. The Zambezi river is so powerful and it flows so fast. I was in awe. There is a great view of the river from the bridge.

I didn’t get to see Sesheke in its entirety but the time I spent at the lodge was worth the uncomfortable journey.

Fact File:

  • Sesheke is a border town with Namibia


Have you ever been to Sesheke? Let me know.

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