I had been planning my first trip of the year to be a solo trip to the middle of remote Zambia. But the rainy weather and the limited time dictated that I could only manage to do a weekend away. That meant that I had to look for a place that was close to Lusaka. I finally decided on Protea safari lodge in Chisamba on the night before. Luckily, they had rooms available and I made a reservation. A few hours later, I got an email with my reservation number and details (how efficient is that)

The next day, the road trip began. The internet says the lodge is 45 minutes away from Lusaka. Well, I say how long you take heavily depends on the traffic on the road. The trucks make it a slow journey. And in my case, I found a tree blocking one lane so that made the traffic even slower.

When I finally got there, I was taken to my room and the weekend began. I figured I would probably spend most of my time in the room but the afternoon turned out to be dry so I went on a safari walk. The landscape was green and was just the scenery I needed to rest.

At dinner, I ordered oxtail stew and rice. It came with a side of fried okra and spinach. It was so good. I can seriously say that it was one of my favorite meals this year. One thing that I was particularly impressed by was that when you order hot chocolate or coffee, it comes in a teapot.

When I went back to my room after dinner, I found that the mosquito net had been brought down and there was a tiny box chocolate on my pillowcase. These people were trying to steal my heart. The customer service of the place was amazing. Every one was so friendly and helpful. If you’ve traveled around Zambia, you know that is hard to find around here.

The next morning was spent taking in the views and trying to enjoy it all before I had to leave later that day. I sat out on the porch of my room and enjoyed the trees and grass.

When it was time to leave, I packed up and reluctantly went back home. But I must say that the tiny vacation did its thing. I was refreshed and happier than I had been in weeks.

So I think I will make a point to have short weekends away often. They are a good option when you can’t go far from home or when you just have a couple of days to travel.


Room cost about K1 400/night ($140)*
A safari drive is K50/person ($5)*


*As at March 2018

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