For someone whose village is in the Eastern part of Zambia, I am poorly acquainted with it. Some time ago, I traveled to Petauke, a town in the Eastern Province or as we like to call it Kumawa. I must have been viewing the town through romantic glasses because the small town living appealed to me.

How I got there

Petauke is 400 km away from Lusaka. It took a 4 hour drive to get there. To go by bus, you can get on one at intercity bus terminal heading to Chipata. Then you will drop off at Petauke because it is along the road. It will cost approximately K120.


Where I stayed

I stayed at a setup of a house turned into a guesthouse called Canary’s Guesthouse. It felt like staying over at someone’s house. It had a homey and quiet atmosphere. Glimpses of the owner of the establishment could be seen in the kitchen preparing food for her guests. I got to order what I wanted for lunch or dinner in the morning before I left for the day. I was a bit apprehensive about how their food would taste but after the first meal, I was put at ease. Over the week I stayed there, I ate a whole selection of village chicken, fish, chicken, goat meat, kapenta and lots of vegetables. I always stick to eating Nshima when I’m traveling within Zambia.IMG_1150



Where to hang out

In a small town, it is difficult to find places of entertainment but there are a number of lodges that offer a place to sit and watch soccer while having a drink with friends. My friends and I ventured into one of the bars just to have a feel of the environment, it turned out okay but I preferred the lodge scenario.

What Language to speak

English is the official language so you can use that for most things. The place is predominantly inhabited by Nsenga people so everyone speaks Nsenga (one of my favourite languages in the world).  But Nyanja will do just fine.

Where to shop

Petauke has a number of local supermarkets and shops in it’s town center. It has a Pep store, a Zambeef outlet, and a DAPP outlet (a countrywide thrift store). So all your basics are covered but if you want something fancy, you might have to go to Chipata for that.

What I saw

Minga Church building – Minga is a really small town right before Petauke when you’re coming from Lusaka. It is approximately 20 minutes before Petauke. It has a mission hospital and the biggest catholic church building in Eastern province. It is built with red brick. When I saw the church, it blew my mind. It was literally the most beautiful building I had seen. It is magnificent and stands so raggedly tall. Its strength is evident and it’s age is bizarre because it’s really old.

Minga catholic church

Minga catholic Church side

Luangwa River – On my way to and from Petauke I got to see the luangwa river and bridge.



Hills – The sky literally touched the top of the hills. The cliffs besides the road were scary though.

Cloudy Hills

Luangwa Fish and Craft Market – The dried fish in Luangwa has a reputation of being really good. So it was interesting to stop by the market on my way back to Lusaka.

Luangwa craft market

Luangwa fish market

Here some more photos. Enjoy

Open road

lonely hut along great east road

Minga church and me

Luangwa bridge

Village along the road


Which Zambian town would you like to visit? Let me know in the comments.



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